Leisure time is important for the Finnish people. The daily newspapers informs about events occurring during the day. Information regarding local events can also be found on your town’s or municipality’s webpage as well as on Ostrobothnia Events Calendar.

The possibilities to study in Finland are many. The Adult Education Centre arranges courses to a favorable price. You can take courses in language, cooking, handicraft, music, exercise etc.

The Finnish people read a lot and therefore Finland has many libraries. You can lend books from the library for free. The libraries have books and magazines in different languages. The library card is free, and you can get one at the library.

On your leisure time you can visit a museum or go to the theater or cinema. The movies are always showed in their original language with Finnish and Swedish subtitles, not dubbed.

Many organizations, such as the Finnish Red Cross, arrange activities for people from different cultures. A lot of newcomers have also founded their own associations.

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