Early childhood education refers to a planned and goal-oriented entity, formed of education and teaching and care, with particular emphasis on pedagogy. The task of early childhood education is to promote the holistic growth, development and learning of children in cooperation with guardians.

The basis of the early childhood education plan is based on the Early Childhood Education Act, a national regulation issued by the Board of Education, according to which local and children’s early childhood education plans are drawn up and early childhood education is implemented.

The national principles of the early childhood education plan were approved in November 2016.

The municipalities of the Pietarsaari region – Pietarsaari, Kruunupyy, Luoto, Uusikaarlepyy and Pedersöre – have chosen to cooperate in drawing up a local early childhood education plan. The updated plan was introduced on August 1, 2022. Every child has the right to receive their own personal plan, which is drawn up after the child starts kindergarten or family day care. The staff prepares the plan in cooperation with the guardian. The child’s opinion and wishes must be clarified and taken into account in the plan.