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Fäboda Hiking Trail

Fäboda hiking trail was outlined in 1981. The trail covers an area from Torpet next to the trotting track to Pörkenäs and Svedja in the south. The main starting point of the hiking trail is by the parking place in Torsviken and the trail runs clockwise via Lussilundsvägen, Mjölkvägen, Mässträsket, Degernästräsket, Långsjön, Svedja, Pörkenäs, Storsand, and Lillsand, before returning to the trotting track in Torsviken via Skalottmossen and Dalpottberget.

There are several other alternative starting points along the trail and there is also parking at Lillsand, Lövbacka skogsväg and Pörkenäsvägen. You are allowed to walk, run or mountain bike along the trail. Starting from Lillsand you can for example hike the popular trail Reijos runda, which is 7,7 kilometres long. At Lillsand there is also a nature trail with colourful information boards that inform about the animals and the nature in the area. Here you can also find a popular lean-to-shelter with a campfire site and a well-loved balance course for children, while the adults are grilling sausages.

Along the hiking trail there are several day trip huts and lean-to-shelters. At all the resting places there are firewood and a campfire site that can be used by all the visitors. There are also dry toilets by the day trip huts. It is possible to stay overnight in Wiiks stuga and in Reijos stuga.

In 2021 Fäboda hiking trail underwent major repairs, which were made possible with government grant. Most of the wet and difficult parts of the trail have been fixed with duckboards or by other improvements. The work of repairing and improving the hiking trail is ongoing and every year small improvements are made. Approximately 30 information boards about the nature and sights in the area will be placed out along the hiking trail.

The total length of all the trails included in the Fäboda hiking trail is approximately 40 kilometres. In the wintertime there are prepared ski tracks on the section Torsviken-Långsjön-Torsviken and along Lövbackavägen. The other parts of the hiking trail do not have winter maintenance, but the trails are often well-worn by all the people who go there to hike, run, or bike

Trail map (only in Swedish/Finnish)

For the local inhabitants, the area is known as a great berry picking, hunting and mountain biking area. The nature is very diverse, including dry woodlands, swamplands, and beautiful shores.

A non-impediment hiking trail is also found in the area, making it possible for everyone to enjoy the wonderful nature of Fäboda.

Accessible Nature Trail and observation Tower

The accessible nature trail provides an opportunity for everyone to spend time outside and enjoy the nature and the sea. The accessible nature trail is divided into two parts and has been built in different stages throughout the years. The nature trail originates from when part 1, starting from Fäboda kaffestuga and going south, was built in cooperation with UPM, who donated the wood for building. Part 1 is 170 metres long and 1,2 metres wide.

Part 2 begins in the proximity of kaffestugan and goes north, ending by an observation tower at Rågårdsskatan. Part 2 is 600 metres long and along the trail there are several places to sit down and enjoy the sea. There is also a connection to the accessible nature trail from the main parking place for the Fäboda beaches. Parts of the second part of the accessible nature trail has been built with government grants, while UPM has sponsored the material for the observation tower.

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