• A ticket entitles you to 2 hours of swimming and you are bound to follow our rules of conduct.
  • Staff can refuse entry if the customer behaves inappropriately or has done so in the past.
  • Children under the age of 8 and non-swimming children must be accompanied by a person aged 16 or older who is capable of swimming.
  • Non-swimming children should never be left alone in any of the pools.
  • Parents and guards are responsible for the safety and behavior of the persons they bring to the swimming pools throughout their visit.
  • The use of drugs or being under the influence of drugs in the swimming pool is prohibited.
  • The swimming pool offers swimming lessons and water gymnastics and allows anybody to book facilities for such activities. If such activities may interfere with your visit, please contact the staff before buying a ticket.
  • The swimming pool is not liable to pay compensation if your visit is disrupted or shortened by technical issues, weather, hygiene or safety reasons.
  • Surveillance cameras have been installed in the swimming pool to facilitate monitoring.
  • If you see that the equipment of the swimming pool is in poor condition, there is excrement in the pool area or someone is behaving inappropriately, you should inform the staff immediately.

Swimming hall

  • Toys should only be used in the pools where they are available. Own toys as instructed by the guards.
  • Jump into the pool only from the authorized area.
  • The trampoline and jumping frames may only be used with the permission of the guards.
  • Fins and snorkels may only be used during the club’s or hall’s own hours.
  • Swimmers should follow the right-hand traffic rule.
  • Please follow the rules indicated by the signs.
  • It is not allowed to film or photograph in the swimming hall without the permission of the staff.
  • Avoid unnecessary shouting, running, playing and making noise in the swimming pool, as there is a high risk of slipping.

Shower and changing rooms

  • Bring only your swimsuit, towel and hygiene accessories to the shower room.
  • Always wash your entire body WITHOUT a swimsuit before entering the pool, also wash off any makeup, perfume and hairspray.
  • Always wash yourself before going to the sauna, only a seat cover and, if necessary, a towel can be taken to the sauna.
  • Wear swimming trunks or a swimsuit designed for swimming, not a swim diaper or underwear. Underwear must not be left underneath swimming trunks or swimming suits. For hygiene reasons, the use of swim diapers is strictly prohibited.

If the above rules or the supervisor’s instructions are not followed, the staff has the right to terminate your access to the swimming pool without compensation.