Information about client fees in early childhood education.  

The basis for calculating ECEC fees are determined by law. The fees are determined as a percentage according to the size and income of the family. The highest fee for full-time daycare is 295€/month/child and the lowest fee is 28€/month/child. The latest index adjustment will enter into force in August 2024. The corresponding fees are then311€ and 30€.

If the family has several children in early childhood education, the fee for the second child is 40 percent of the fee for the first child (118 €/month at most). In early childhood education, the youngest child is always considered to be the first child. For each subsequent child, the fee is 20 % of the fee for the youngest child.  

Income thresholds and payment percentages: 

Example of fee: Family 3 people, total gross income 5500€ (5500 – 4998 = 502 -> 502 x 10.7% = 53,714€, full-time; rounded to 54€). 

If there are more than six people in the family; the income limit will increase with 262 euros for every additional minor child in the family. The taxable earned- and investment incomes as well as tax-free incomes of the family are the basis for the fee. The latest index adjustment will enter into force in August 2024. The corresponding increase is then 275€.

Family size 

Family is defined as follows: married persons living together in a household or persons in a marriage-like relationship living together as well as minor children who live in the same household and are the children of these persons. 

Family income 

The family’s gross income includes the income of the parents (spouses or cohabitants living in a joint household) and the income of the specific child. Income includes taxable acquisition and capital income as well as tax-free income. 

Holiday pay (5%) is calculated on the gross salary. 


If the family has not submitted an income report by the end of the first month of the child’s ECEC, the highest fee will be determined. 

If the income report is not submitted in time and the fee according to the income report should be lower, the fee is corrected the following month. 

The determined fee will not be corrected retroactively. 

The fee for ECEC activities is set according to hours/month:

The schedule for daycare can vary daily and weekly but hours need to be registered in advance in the Päikky-system (on the city’s website).  

Each day must be booked, even days when there is no need for daycare. More information about Päikky can be found on the city´s website Children and Education / Early childhood education and care. 

In the case of ECEC-time increases, the change must be valid for at least three months before the hours can be reduced. Changes are made in advance on a separate form. The form can be found on the city´s website.

The monthly fee will always be charged in full, except in these following cases: 

-when the child is absent due to illness all business days during the calendar month there is no fee charged. 

-when the child is absent due to illness for at least 11 business days during the calendar month, half of the normal monthly fee is charged. 

-when the child is absent for reasons other than illness on all business days during the calendar month, half of the monthly fee is charged. 

-when the child’s early childhood education begins or ends in the middle of the calendar month, the fee is charged according to hours. 

In occasions when the child is present only one day during the calendar month, the entire monthly fee is charged. Holidays do not reduce the fee. 

The child is not entitled to early childhood education during paternity leave. For this time, no fee is charged (applies to children for whom the paternity allowance is paid). 

Shared custody 

If the child’s guardian has different addresses, the fee is determined according to the income and family size of the family in which the child is registered according to the population register. 

Changes in family size or income 

The family is obliged to notify if changes occur in the family relationship and if there is changes in income (+ – 10%). With the support of the Act on the Income Data System (53/2018), the municipalities and co-municipalities have the right to use the register data to determine such client fees as referred to in the Act on Client Fees in Early Childhood Education (Act on Early Childhood Education 1503/2016). The responsibility to notify about changes in income is still the guardian’s and does not exclude the guardian’s responsibility to inform about correct income.