The city of Jakobstad arranges language baths in Swedish and in Finnish for 5-year-olds at Alma daycare center.

Every year, families with children who turn 5 years old the current operating year, have the opportunity to apply for a place at the language bath. The familys mother tongue has to be Swedish or Finnish.

The application period for the language bath is around February, and the application dates are announced separately on both the city’s website and also to guardians with children who turn 5, through a general announcement via the Päikky application.

In order to be admitted to the language bath, the family needs to meet the criteria ( sve) (fi) for admission to the language bath. The family must not have the chosen language as home language.

Enquiries: 044 785 1598,

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Hanna Åbacka-Suomalainen

Hanna Åbacka-Suomalainen

Pedagogical planner

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044 785 1598