The application period for språkbad / kielikylpy for 5-year-olds is 29.1 – 12.2.2024.

On Monday 29.1 at 9:00 a.m. you can apply for språkbad / kielikylpy, the application period ends on 12.2 at 13:00. On the application form, you select språkbad (svenska), which means that the child lives in a Finnish-speaking family and the språkbad / kielikylpy language is Swedish. Once we have received your application, we will confirm it by email (during office hours).

Please note that it is no longer possible to apply for språkbad / kielikylpy after 1 pm on 12.2.

If the number of applicants exceeds the number of places, admission to språkbad / kielikylpy is decided by drawing lots.

You must apply for språkbad / kielikylpy in the year your child turns 5 (birth year 2019). Only families who do not speak the language of the chosen language are entitled to apply for språkbad / kielikylpy.

A link to the admission criteria for language immersion can be found here in Swedish, and here in Finnish. You will find the online application here.

The information session about språkbad / kielikylpy will be held on Wednesday 24.1 at 18:00 at the Språkbadsskolan / Kielikylpy koulu.

We welcome everyone interested in språkbad / kielikylpy to participate in the event.

Enquiries: 044 785 1598,

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