Early Childhood and Basic Education

Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) in Jakobstad

We are pioneers when it comes to municipal ECEC and for 110 years we have had a successful day care system.

We offer all families ECEC that supports the upbringing, development and learning of their children. We do that through kindergartens, private day care and different kinds of playful activities. ECEC in Jakobstad is based on the principle that day cares and parents raise the children together. Our goals are that children grow up to be flexible adults with established identities and a respect for diversity.

In Jakobstad there are 11 municipal kindergartens. There is full-day day care and half-day day care in both Swedish and Finnish, as well as shift-, evening- and weekend care. For 5-year-olds there are also language immersion groups.

There are also private kindergartens, such as an English kindergarten, and municipal family day cares and access to private playground and play group activities in Jakobstad.

Applying for Municipal ECEC

You can apply for day care electronically (in Swedish/in Finnish). When you apply for language immersion, you need to fill out a special form. Detailed instructions are found here.

The application must be sent in at least four months before your child needs day care placement. If it is urgent, the application must be sent in as soon as possible, but no later than two weeks before your child needs day care placement.

If you have any questions or concerns about ECEC, please contact the department of child day care and education.

Preschool and Morning and Afternoon Activities

Preschool education (in Swedish/in Finnish) for 6-year-olds is held every school day for 4 h from 8.00–12.00. It is mandatory and free of charge and is held at the school.

Those who participate in preschool education also have the right to get day care organised at the school. The he basic principle is that children are assigned to a preschool held in the same area or school as their future basic education.

Together the parish and the department of child day care and education in Jakobstad organise morning and afternoon activities for school children. The activities are meant for all pupils in grades 1–2 and for all pupils with special educational needs (grades 1–9).

The activities are held on school days from 6.30 until the school begins. The afternoon activities begin after school is over for the day and go on until 16.30.

High Quality Basic Education in Two Languages as well as Language Immersion

There are ten comprehensive schools in Jakobstad, of which five are Swedish speaking, four Finnish speaking and one is a language immersion school.

Jakobstad is the only place in Finland where language immersion is taught in both of the national languages, Swedish and Finnish.

The Swedish elementary schools in Jakobstad are Bonäs and Vestersundsby skola in the western parts of town, Kyrkostrands skola in Lappfjärden in the southwestern part of town and Lagmans skola in the town center.

On the map you can see where the schools are located: Vestersundsby skola, Kyrkostrands skola, Lagmans skola.

The Finnish lower elementary schools are Itälän koulu in the eastern part of town, Länsinummen koulu in the western part of town and Ruusulehdon koulu in Grannabba in the southern part of town.

On the map you can see where the schools are located: Itälän koulu, Länsinummen koulu, Resursskolan/Resurssikoulu.

The language immersion school (Språkbadsskolan/Kielikylpykoulu) is temporarily located in the town centre.

On the map you can see where the language immersion school is located: Language immersion school (Språkbadsskolan/Kielikylpykoulu).

There are two lower secondary schools in Jakobstad: Oxhamns skola for Swedish speaking children and Etelänummen koulu for Finnish speaking children. Both schools are in the town centre.

The Swedish speaking language immersion classes in grade 7-9 go to Oxhamns skola and the Finnish speaking classes go to Etelänummi.

On the map you can see where Etelänummen koulu and Oxhamns skola are located.