Swimmingcourses for children

The Sports Office organizes swimming courses for children aged 5 years and above. For younger children there is baby swimming and for 2-4 year olds there is a play and splash swimming course.

The swimming courses are characterized by playful teaching where the goal is for the children to learn to swim through games and fun exercises. Great emphasis is placed on ensuring that all children enjoy both the swimming school and the water and that the children develop a positive attitude towards swimming.

During the swimming courses, the children have the opportunity to take badges, one badge is included in the course fee. If the children take several badges during the course, a fee of 3,00 €/badge will be added.

The course fee is paid at the cash desk at the first course session. The course price includes admission to the swimming pool for both a child and an adult. The child will receive his/her own 10-time swimming card with his/her name on it and the adult will receive an assistant card from the cashier at each course session. The accompanying adult (over 15 years old) helps the child in the changing room and shower room. During the actual swimming course time, the adult can watch or swim themselves.

Patrik Kulla & Sara Fagerholm act as swimming teachers.

In the swimming course, we take swimming badges issued by the Finnish Swimming Education and Life Saving Association (FSL).

The swimming badge system is designed to support children in learning to swim. Its main goal is to inspire children to want to learn more by receiving a swimming badge and diploma as proof of their achievement.

Swimmingcourses in spring 2024

The registration for courses will open friday 5.1.2024 at 12:00

Beginner´s course

The beginners’ course is intended for children who are not yet able to swim. In the beginners’ course, we practice water habits, dipping the head, floating on the back and stomach, sliding and jumping off the edge. We also familiarize ourselves with basic swimming techniques. The goal of the course is for the children to learn to float and glide on their backs and stomachs, and to learn to swim 10 meters.

  • Tuesdays and thursdays 23.1-20.2 at 15:30-16:15 Price: 130€ (9 times) GROUP IS FULL!
  • Winter holiday week 9 26.2-1.3 at 9:00-10:00 Price: 70€ (5 times) GROUP IS FULL!

Advanced course

In the advanced course, we continue to practice the different types of swimming. We also practice long and deep diving, as well as various jumps. The goal of the course is to improve the swimming technique, and to learn to swim 25m on the back and stomach.

  • Winter holiday week 9 26.2-1.3 at 10:00-11:00 Price: 70€ (5 times) GROUP IS FULL!

Technical course

In the technique course we go into more detail about the different swimming styles. We practice starting jumps and turns and also the basics of butterfly swimming. The goal of the course is for the children to learn to swim 100m freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke with starting jumps and turns.

Master´s course

On the master´s course we will work on the skills for the “swimcandidate, swimmaster and primusmaster” badges. We will go breafly through the techniques for different styles of swimming, diving, jumping and life saving skills. To participate in the course the child has to be able to swim 200m of which 50m on the back.

  • Tuesdays and thursdays 23.1-20.2 at 15:30-16:15 Price: 130€ (9 times)

Junior Lifesaver

Junior Lifesaver course is intended for children in age10-15. The minimum requirement for the child to participate is that they are able to swim 200meters. We practice to save a person in distress with different techniques, tools and holds. Besides lifesaving and first aid training we also practice to dive with diving masks and fins.

  • Thursdays 7.3-16.5 at 15:30-16:15 Price: 130€ (9 times)

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