The baby swim is organized in the activity pool of the Pietarsaaren swimming hall. The course runs for 10 times during spring 2024. Baby swimming starts at the earliest at the age of 3 months and the child must weigh at least 5 kg.

Baby swimming is a happy playtime for the parents and the child in warm (+33˚) water under the guidance of a trained instructor. The child and parents can enjoy being in the water together while the child explores the properties of the water with games, songs and exercises. Baby swimming is on the children’s terms.


The Family Swim is a continuation of the Baby Swim. Older siblings can also participate in the family swim. The children practice the skills they need in the Play & Splash course, as well as other exercises that strengthen their development.

Play & splash course

The swimming pool also organizes Play & Splash groups for 2-4 year olds together with a parent. We practice making friends with the water in a playful way. The course requires no previous experience. Through song and play, we train water habits, floating on the stomach and back and moving independently in the water. The play & splash course is a continuation of the baby swimming course. When the child is too big for baby swimming but still too small to participate in regular swimming school, the Play & Splash course is perfect!

The Play & Splash course is held before the swimming pool opens to the public. This means that it is calm and quiet in the swimming pool. After the play & splash course, you can continue swimming on your own if you wish.

Once you have signed up, you will receive further information by e-mail.
Sara Fagerholm and Patrik Kulla are the instructors.