Swimming courses for adults

The Sports Agency organizes swimming courses for adults who want to learn how to swim.

Swimming is a vital skill. Everyone has the right to learn to swim, regardless of their background or individual circumstances. Our swimming courses for adults are aimed at those who want to learn to swim or need to improve their swimming skills. The courses are aimed at those who are 16 years or older.

Beginner swimming course

This course is for those who cannot swim. We start from the participants’ level and adapt the teaching as needed. We work on finding the joy of swimming and moving relaxed in the water. We learn to float, dive and get around in the water.

Technical swimming course

The technique course is for those who can already swim but want to improve their skills. We practice different swimming styles, dive and focus on practicing technique. We continue to work on being relaxed in the water and that it should feel fun to swim.

  • Drop in technique course 16-18.1 at 16:30-17:30 Price: 20€/session

In the drop in course we will focus on breststroke 16.1, crawlswin 17.1 and backstroke18.1.