Question of the week

Question of the week (29.5-2.6.2024)


Week 16/2023 (Buss to Fäboda)
Week 17/2023 (Exercise and sports conditions)
Week 18/2023 (Control of harmful plants)
Week 19/2023 (City library’s services)
Week 20/2023 (Town service point)
Week 21/2023 (Spare time volunteers needed)
Week 22/2023 (The brand and visual image of Jakobstad)
Week 23/2023 (How can the Town of Jakobstad grow?)
Week 24/2023 (The Town’s Electric Cars)
Week 25/2023 (Adults on Town)
Week 30/2023 (Feedback from Jakobs dagar/Jaakon päivät)
Week 32/2023 (The cultural pearl Jakobstad)
Week 33/2023 (Bus connection to Fäboda, debriefing)
Week 34/2023 (The town’s sports centre)
Week 35/2023 (Associations’ cooperation with the town)
Week 36/2023 (The local detailed plan for Fäboda)
Week 37/2023 (Activities during the autumn holiday)
Week 38/2023 (How should the town make up for the loss of income?)
Week 39/2023 (The reform of employment and economic development services)
Week 40/2023 (Outdoor sports facilities)
Week 41/2023 (Medaljgalan/Mitaligaala 2024)
Week 43/2023 (JeppisLit)
Week 44/2023 (Associations, grant for tasks)
Week 46/2023 (Novia UAS asks about Campus Allegro)
Week 47/2023 (How would you like to live in 5 years?)
Week 48/2023 (The length of the autumn holidays)
Week 50/2023 (Suggestions for the Question of the Week)
Week 2-3 (The new town strategy)
Week 3 (Parking in Jakobstad)
Week 4 (The health barometer)
Week 5 (The town’s summerjobs and the summer job voucher)
Week 7 (Cultural Pearl-events 2024)
Week 10 (Public art in the townscape)
Week 11 (Visit Jakobstad)
Week 12 (Newsletter from the town of Jakobstad)
Week 13 (Cultural Voluntary Work)
Week 14 (The town’s berths)
Week 15 (Bicycle Parking)
Week 16 (Summer holiday lunch for pupils)
Week 17 (Vacant plots in Jakobstad)
Week 19-20 (Participatory budgeting 2024)
Week 20 (Substance abuse)
Week 22 (Climate action in the Jakobstad region)