See & Experience in Jakobstad

There is a lot to see and do in Jakobstad!


Jakobstad is an over 370-year-old town, where old Art Nouveau style buildings, several special museums and Skata – one of the largest continuous areas of old wooden houses in the country – melt in the townscape creating an interesting package.

Jakobstad is also known for its maritime history and green spaces. The Finnish national poet, Johan Ludvig Runeberg, was born in Jakobstad and several places from his childhood are preserved.

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Events and Culture

Jakobstad is a lively town with lots of events and a vibrant cultural life.

The first cultural event of the year is Runeberg Week in early February. The program has an emphasis on literature and celebrates the author and poet Johan Ludvig Runeberg, who was born in Jakobstad. 

Many classical music and pop concerts as well as other interesting events that are worth a visit take place in the Schauman Hall in Campus Allegro all year round. 

In summer, the event calendar is particularly replete with events and celebrations. On Mondays you can hunt for bargains at the flea market in the marketplace. The summer culminates in the town festival Jakobs Dagar, which takes place in July and lasts a whole week.

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Leisure and Activities

The town has long been known for the local football association FF Jaro. Besides going to a football game, you can enjoy your leisure time on our scenic golf course. Or why not rent a bicycle and get acquainted with the city and its surroundings at your own pace?

Jakobstad offers many opportunities for a great work out. There are many outdoor jogging tracks as well as several well-equipped gyms right in the town centre.

In addition, the beautiful ski tracks and nature trails in Fäboda offers a possibility to experience and enjoy the nature of the archipelago. 

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Nature and the Sea

Jakobstad’s location on the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia offers a variety of fascinating destinations that are easy to reach. Narrow straits, wind-whipped sea, sandy beaches and wave-polished cliffs guarantee outstanding outdoor experiences.

The best places to enjoy the nature and the sea are the beaches in Fäboda and the Mässkär island. These beautiful destinations attract visitors year round. 

To explore the archipelago during all the summer months you can book a charter cruise or visit one of Jakobstad’s guest harbours with your own ship or vessel. 

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Jakobstad for Children

Jakobstad is a great destination for a family holiday, because it offers a wide variety of activities and attractions for everyone. 

For peaceful experiences, the Fäboda area with its shallow beaches, hiking trails with picnic areas awaits just 7 km from the city center. There are also several shallow, family friendly beaches within a walking distance form the town centre. 

A nice attraction for the entire family is also the Rosenlund area. Rosenlund’s Rectory and the Aspegrens gardens offer many opportunities for games, experiences, explorations and educative activities.

In winter you can spend time in the indoor playground Maxifun.

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