Nature & Sea in Jakobstad

Jakobstad’s location on the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia offers a variety of fascinating destinations that are easy to reach. Narrow straits, wind-whipped sea, sandy beaches, and wave-polished cliffs guarantee outstanding outdoor experiences.

The best places to enjoy the nature and the sea are the beaches in Fäboda and the Mässkär island. These beautiful destinations attract visitors all year round.

To explore the archipelago during the summer months you can for instance book a charter cruise or visit one of Jakobstad’s guest harbours with your own ship or vessel.


Fäboda, approximately 10 km from the town centre, is a versatile outdoor recreation area. Fäboda is famous for its long sandy beaches and beautiful nature. Varying terrain, good location and services have made Fäboda the most popular summer destination in Jakobstad.

In addition to swimming and sunbathing, the Fäboda area offers wonderful opportunities for different leisure activities. In the area you will find the Fäboda-Pörkenäs hiking trail and the summer restaurant Fäboda kaffestuga.

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Gamla hamn (The Old Harbour)

Gamla hamn (The Old Harbour) and Kittholmen are situated about a kilometre from the town centre. The harbour of Jakobstad was located here until the mid-19th century, with a thriving industry around the important maritime trade. Today the old harbour area is primarily a popular recreational area with a beach, beautiful forest, small boat marina, and with history present in the red painted traditional boat houses and The Shipyard with the galeas Jacobstads Wapen and the war indemnity schooner Vega.

Both children and adults enjoy Snellman Park, the playground and fitness park by the beach. You can also find an outdoor gym, jogging tracks, a restaurant, a café, a guest harbour and a camping ground in the area.

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Mässkär island, located 2 km outside Ådö fishing port, is a magnificent example of the outer archipelago’s beauty.

A former harbour pilots’ and coast guard’s house on the island has been renovated and today it offers e.g. conference, hotel and restaurant services. On the island you will find a nature trail that presents the versatile wildlife and nature of the archipelago.

In summer there is a regular ferry service to Mässkär from the Old Harbour. Wintertime, when the waters freeze over, you can walk or ski to Mässkär.

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Cruises to Mässkär

Old Harbour – Mässkär – Old Harbour (including cruise, dining, guide services)

You may also just take the ferry transport without other services

More information, prices and reservations

Charter cruises and water taxis

Water taxis and charter cruises with Filifjonkan
Information and reservations: tel. +358 500 896 385

Water taxis and charter cruises with Ms. Elaine
Information and reservations: tel. +358 50 554 0082, +358 6 723 3721

Water taxis and charter cruises with Ms. Felicia
Information and reservations: tel. +358 500 884 812

Water taxis and charter cruises with Ms. Mässkär (52 seats)
Information and reservations: tel. +358 6 729 4092, +358 500 661 328

Water taxis and charter cruises with my Navita (15 seats)
Information and reservations: tel. +358 40 502 5630

Guest Harbours

Smultrongrundet, SSJ
63° 41.4′ N 22° 41.47′ E

SSJ’s guest harbour is situated on Smultrongrundet approximately 1,5 km from the town centre. Summer Restaurant Pavis and Old Harbour beach are in the area.

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Contact information:
From 15 June to 9 August, tel. +358 44 723 7940

Other times:
Sami Krohn, Harbour Administrator, tel. +358 50 370 0357

63°43,7′ N 22°34,8′ E

Mässkär is an island in the outer archipelago of Jakobstad. The guest harbour offers e.g. the following services: shower, sauna and toilet facilities, restaurant and internet.

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Contact information:
From 1 May to 31 August, tel. +358 6 729 4092

Other times:
Anders Boström, tel. +358 6 723 1940