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Aspegren Gardens

The Rosenlund vicarage is situated in the centre of Jakobstad. The vicarage buildings, a stone cowshed and servant’s quarters, as well as the Aspegren Gardens including an orangery and a pavilion form an unique environment in the town.

The walled garden was established by Dean Gabriel Aspegren in the 18th century and is one of the oldest vicarage gardens in Finland.

The Local Pedersöre History Museum is located in the stone byre by the Rosenlund vicarage and the old main building accommodates a summer café.

Rosenlund offers many opportunities for recreational experiences for all age groups. The Rosenlund area has free entrance and is open to the public all year round. Guided tours and activities must be booked in advance.

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Skolträdgården School Park Botanical Garden

In the centre of Jakobstad one can find oneself in a peaceful green oasis. Unexpected at this latitude, one can see a thousand species growing here. The botanical garden, laid out 1915–1932, is a result of a donation by the Schauman family to the memory of Elise and Victor Schauman.

The garden has an area of approx. 1.35 hectares and has over 1,000 plant species. It is is renowned both as one of the most northerly botanical gardens in the world and for its classical park architecture.

The garden has free entrance and is open to the public all year round.

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At the Arctic museum Nanoq, just outside of Jakobstad, you can familiarise yourself with the people and culture of the Arctic. Nanoq is the first museum in Europe that exhibits the Arctic and the Antarctic.

In the area you can find numerous interesting reconstructed buildings, for example a Greenlandic peat house, Henri Rudi’s trapper’s cabin, a gold miner’s camp and the most northern church. A special exhibition is held every summer.

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Norrmalm, or “Skata”, is an old working-class wooden house neighbourhood. Skata is one of the largest continuous areas of old wooden houses in the country.

Norrmalm was first planned to be a residential area in 1783, but the town proletariat had their homes there even earlier. This protected part of the town has mostly been preserved in its original form and is today one of the most desirable residential neighbourhoods in Jakobstad.

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Other Attractions

Take a look at other interesting attractions in Jakobstad.

The Old Harbour leisure area is a great place to get acquainted with Jakobstad’s maritime history.

The range of attractions is enriched by interesting special museums, beautiful churches, art galleries and architectural sights.

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