Online Booking

The transportation can also be booked online

Register as a passenger by creating a new account.

To the booking

• After registration you will receive an email with a link
• Check your email and sign in using the link in the email
• You can choose language by clicking on the flags in the upper right corner
• Sign in with your email and password
• Select book as a passenger when making a new booking, select history if you want to review previous bookings
• Type the departure and arrival address when making a new booking
• If the same address is used in several areas, choose the right one by clicking on the map
• If you are choosing an address from the destinations list, confirm it by clicking on the map
• Choose the correct date, desired time for pick up and the correct number of passengers
• When you have inserted the correct amount of passengers you can make changes in the booking by clicking the arrow in the upper left corner before continuing
• Save the booking by clicking continue
• Select the desired trip to confirm it
• Check the status of the trip under history by selecting home in the upper right corner
• If the booked trip is no longer needed you cancel it by calling the dispatch centre, phone number 0100-4488
• When making several trips to the same destination, it is possible to fill in only date and time
• The last booked trip is always visible when making a new booking
• Contact the dispatch centre, phone number 0100-4488, if you have trouble, questions or need to cancel a booked trip