Downhill mountain bike course at the old dump

The town of Jakobstad has been given a government grant of 37 000 € for building a downhill mountain bike course at the old dump. The Regional State Administrative Agency, which granted the subsidy, writes in its decision that the application for the grant is good and that the area overall is very interesting and that it is serving multiple needs for different user groups. The town itself contributes approximately 60 000 € and some companies in the area has also promised to possibly contribute with an amount.

The project is beginning during autumn by utilising and spreading excavated material from the renovation of Östanpåvägen. The final shaping of the four descents and one ascent is completed during spring 2025.

At the same time the development of an OCR course (obstacle course racing) in the area continues together with the local association OCR Jeppis. A few smaller improvements of different kinds are also being done in the area this year. 

Additional information: Frank Bäcksholm,, phone +358447851998.