The road work on Pedersesplanaden

The road work on Pedersesplanaden is advancing well; now you can really see what it will look like and how it will turn out when all is done. Big sections of the northern driving direction are almost done, but due to the work on several crossings those parts cannot yet be opened for car traffic.

Bicycle and pedestrian traffic can already use the new bicycle lane and footpath on the east side between Södermalmsgatan and Strengbergsgatan. The new red paved bicycle lane is a one-way lane. The idea is that you cycle north on the east side of Pedersesplanaden and south on the west side. During the road work, until everything is done, exceptions to this rule are allowed.

The remaining paving work on the east side is planned to take place at the end of June. If everything goes to plan and the time schedule is kept, the western part between Strengbergsgatan and Rådhusgatan will be paved within the same time frame.

A bigger street closure is beginning on 3 June, when the crossing between Pedersesplanaden and Rådhusgatan is closed. Jakobstads Vatten is simultaneously replacing the water pipelines in the crossing area. The crossing will be closed for approximately 3–4 weeks and the traffic is directed around the building site via Herrholmsgatan and Pinnonäsgatan. The crossing between Skutnäsgatan and Pedersesplanaden is opened for traffic going east to west, but we wish, whenever possible, that people use one of the bigger ring roads in town, for example Västerleden. The whole project will be completed by autumn.