Jakobstad’s learning path for sustainability

Jakobstad now has a sustainability learning path for pupils in grades 1–9 and Jakobstads gymnasium has a roadmap for sustainability competence. The learning path and roadmap provide pupils and students with knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will guide them to act for a sustainable everyday life and future, by themselves and together. You can find the learning path and the roadmap on the website for Gröna stigen and Gröna färden (in Swedish).

On April 24, the learning path and the roadmap will be discussed in the Education and Welfare Committee as a complement to the local curriculum. This will be done directly after the politicians, municipal officials, and principals of the Jakobstad and Kokkola regions gather for the first time around sustainability during a joint regional seminar.

The learning path, the roadmap, and the website have been created within the project Gröna stigen and Gröna färden, which is a joint climate and sustainability initiative for basic education and general upper secondary education in the Jakobstad and Kokkola regions. In addition to the learning path and the roadmap, you will find many tips on material and soon also Jakobstad’s bookable climate lab on the website. Let yourself be inspired!

The initiative is financed by the Finnish National Agency for Education and Jakobstad, Kokkola, Kronoby, Larsmo, Nykarleby, and Pedersöre.