The election of the President of the Republic is held on Sunday 28 January 2024. If none of the candidates have received a majority of the given votes, the second election is held on Sunday 11 February 2024.

Every Finnish citizen, regardless of place of residence, who has reached eighteen years of age by the election day of the first election has the right to vote in presidential elections.

For the presidential election, the town of Jakobstad is divided into 6 voting districts as follows:

Voting district Polling station

001 Town centre Jakobstad Library, Runebergsgatan 12

002 East Itälä school, Industrivägen 13

003 Kyrkostrand Kyrkostrand school, Bagarnäsvägen 32

004 Vestersundsby Vestersundsby school, Skolvägen 32

005 Permo Permo day care, Permovägen 26

006 Bonäs Länsinummi school, Västerleden 1

During both election days the polling stations are open at 9–20.


The advance voting is held from Wednesday 17 January until Tuesday 23 January 2024 at Jakobstad Library, Runebergsgatan 12, at 10–20 on weekdays and 10–15 on Saturday and Sunday.

The advance voting for a possible second election is held from Wednesday 31 January until Tuesday 6 February 2024 at Jakobstad Library, Runebergsgatan 12, 68600 Jakobstad, at 10–20 on weekdays and 10–15 on Saturday and Sunday.

More information about the presidential election and the candidates is found here:

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