Sustainable travel in the Jakobstad Region

In the Jakobstad Region our goal is to become a sustainable destination within the Sustainable Travel Finland programme. This work is done together with visitors and companies within the tourism sector in the region.

Sustainable tourism does not only emphasize a positive environmental impact, but also economic and social impact. On Business Finland’s web page you can read more about sustainable tourism: Principles of Sustainable Travel

With responsible choices and actions, we can all influence the development of sustainable tourism. The Jakobstad Region has therefore chosen to actively work with the Sustainable Travel Finland programme. This is done through supporting local tourism companies on their individual STF-path and by raising awareness about sustainable tourism. Here you can read more about the Sustainable Travel Finland program: Sustainable Travel Finland

Ingsva receives Visit Finland’s Sustainable Travel Finland certificate

The operating company Ingsva has as the first company in the Jakobstad region received the Sustainable Travel Finland STF label as a sign of promoting sustainable and responsible travelling. With all its operations Ingsva is striving for that the travelling can be safe and responsible.

Read more: Ingsva

Below you will find a list with companies in the Jakobstad Region that actively work with the STF-programme or has an environmental certificate that is based on sustainable tourism.

Fäboda Kaffestuga

The Jakobstad – Pietarsaari Museum

Nanoq – The Arctic Museum

Rusk Festival – Chamber Music in Jakobstad

Sustainable Ostrobothnia – Culture, a hint of humour, is the spice of Ostrobothnian life.

Sustainable Ostrobothnia – The nature in Ostrobothnia is beautiful, expansive, unique.

Sustainable Ostrobothnia – Try local food and beverages.