Eat & Drink in Jakobstad

There is a great diversity of restaurants and cafés in Jakobstad.

For a delicious dinner or a relaxing night out, you can make your choice from different ethnic restaurants, charming coffee houses and à la carte restaurants, not forgetting the local pubs and night clubs.


In Jakobstad there are many ethnic restaurants, but you can equally find high-class à la carte restaurants and small, cosy dinner restaurants for everyone.

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Jakobstad offers cosy cafés both in idyllic wooden house milieu and in trendy town centre locations. You can find many nice cafés in the vicinity of Storgatan and the pedestrian street. In summertime tables and chairs are set up outside the cafés where you can enjoy the sun and the green surroundings.

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Lunch Restaurants and Other Dining Places

Many restaurants in Jakobstad and its surroundings are specialised as lunch restaurants, that serve warm lunch on weekdays and sometimes also on Saturdays. On this page we have listed the restaurants that are open only at lunchtime.

As you may notice, also many of the restaurants listed in the previous category offer warm lunch in addition to dinner.

Under this category we have also listed all other dining places in Jakobstad, e.g. fast food restaurants and pizzerias.

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Summer Restaurants and Cafés

Jakobstad’s delightful summer restaurants and cafés usually open their doors and terraces in May. The summer period usually ends in September, but it is recommended to check the exact opening times on the restaurants’ own webpages.

Summer restaurants usually offer a possibility to enjoy amazing sea views over the archipelago combined with delicious food. In addition, summer restaurants often serve lunch as well as coffee and pastries. In other words, there is surely something for everyone!

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Restaurants Open on Demand & Catering

On this page we have listed the local companies offering catering services and the restaurants that are open on demand.

As you may notice, many restaurants listed above also offer catering services and are suitable to host different events. It might be a good idea to get acquainted with the restaurants’ own webpages when looking for a venue.

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Pubs and Night Clubs

Jakobstad’s pubs and clubs have a relaxed atmosphere. The local bars offer something for everyone, from live music to karaoke.

During the summer most of the bars also have a terrace.

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Dog-friendly Cafés and Restaurants

Dog-friendly cafés and restaurants for your visit.

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