Special support is given to those children whose goals for growth, development or learning are not sufficiently achieved otherwise. The child’s conditions may have deteriorated due to, for example, an injury or serious illness. The task of special support is to give the child comprehensive and planned growth and learning support and to promote his learning conditions.

The child’s special support can be decided either during pre-school education or before the start of pre-school or basic education. The decision on special support can be made without a prior pedagogical investigation and provision of enhanced learning support, if based on a psychological or medical assessment it appears that the child’s teaching cannot be provided otherwise due to disability, illness, developmental delay or emotional disturbance or other similar special reason.

In order to provide special support, the preschool education organizer must make a written decision. Before making a decision regarding special support, the organizer of the education must consult the child and the guardian. The decision is made in accordance with the Administrative Act. A personal education organization plan (HOJKS) must be drawn up for a child covered by special support